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Savings Club

Savings Club

Join Our Savings Club Today To Help Spread The Cost Of Your Children’s Clothing Throughout the Year

No more disappointment when your favourite clothing brands are launched and it’s not pay day, this way you are saving to spend whenever it suits you

Pay a little bit each week or a larger amount each month to build up your savings.

How does it work? Well, it’s really easy just click to purchase below! Choose any amount in multiples of £10, either weekly or monthly, or just a one off purchase, once your first amount is purchased, within 24 hours we will do the rest and drop you an email to confirm your good to go. You just need to make your payments and watch your funds grow!!

How do you spend your money? However you like! You can choose your order in person if you’re local, or here on the website.

Is there any benefit to savings? As always there has to be a little something in it for you!! Every £10 you spend you will get an additional £1 worth of loyalty points credited to your account, meaning more savings

If when spending your funds your order falls below the free shipping threshold of £25 then a postage fee of £2 will apply and this will be deducted from your funds.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message via Facebook, email or Instagram and we can discuss your options.

All Savings Club payments are none refundable. Any purchases are still covered by the distance selling regulations and can be returned as normal under our standard terms and conditions; however returns will be credited back to your fund and will not be refundable for cash. This does not affect your statutory rights.

You can stop paying into your Savings fund at any point, just drop us an email to let us know.